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From Fired to Hired - 7 Communication Strategies for Your Job Hunt

From Fired to Hired - 7 Communication Strategies for Your Job Hunt

Have you been fired?

If so, you know all the negative feelings that assault you immediately. You feel:

*Confused-“I thought they liked my work.”

*Cheated-“They should have fired George instead. His work was sloppy.”

*Resentful-“I’ll tell everybody off if I ever get the chance.”

*Sad-“I feel like I’m attending my own funeral.”

*Frightened-“Guess I’ll never get a good job again.”

*Bitter-“I’ll never speak to those people again.”

*Worried-“I can’t eat, sleep, or even think straight.”

*Alone-“Now I know what real loneliness is.”

*Ashamed-“Guess I let my family down big-time.”

Yet to succeed in your search, you will need to subdue those crippling thoughts. You can do that by focusing on seven communication strategies that will help you stand out as the best applicant available. Let’s consider these career-saving strategies:

First Strategy: Talk Positively to Yourself

You might be thinking, “That’s crazy. I don’t talk to myself.” But you do. I’ll bet you have muttered to yourself comments like these:

  • “Lost my glasses again. Man, am I scatterbrained.”
  • “No need for me to try out for the team. I’ve got no athletic ability.”
  • “I’m so sloppy. That’s why my office looks this disorganized.”

During a job search, you need to change the tone of your self-talk considerably. In fact, you should say many affirmative things to yourself before you go to your first job interview. Try affirmations like these:

“My suit might not be new, but it’s still in style and looks very professional.”

“I meet people well, so this interview will give me a chance to shine.”

“Other candidates for this position might have more credentials on paper, yet none of them can match my work ethic, which makes me the ideal choice.”

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