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Earning Your Rightful Place at the Top

Earning Your Rightful Place at the Top

Do you want to advance yourself to a ‘position’ of influence and increased responsibility within your current position or the profession?

Earn your rightful place at the top. Joan Burge gives you 9 take-it-to-the-bank steps that walk you to your place on the executive team.

(Excerpt from Joan’s new book for administrative office professionals, Underneath It All)

1. Interface Well

Unintentional Interfacing refers to the times people don’t purposely focus on making an impression. Remember, you are on stage every day.

Jasmine Freeman’s Unintentional Interfacing led her to Office Dynamics. It all began when she attend a training class I offered in Las Vegas. Jasmine wasn’t “auditioning” for a job in my company. Quite the contrary, she was taking steps to increase know-how so that she could better serve her Nebraska-based employer.

Unintentional Interfacing is a powerful phenomenon. I’m almost tempted to hand you a Warning Sign … Handle with Care!

Intentional Interfacing

Look for or create opportunities to interact with management. For example, fill in for the CEO’s assistant when she goes on vacation and/or work with Human Resources on special assignments or projects that give you visibility.

2. Think Like an Executive

Q. How can you “think” like an executive when you have never been one?

A. The same way you imagine or, visualize how beautiful you will be and feel in a gorgeous outfit you admire in a Park Avenue store window. You have never owned such a beautiful outfit but you can still imagine the feeling of possession. Your mind goes there first!

Right Now …

Go the extra mile.

• We live in a world of mediocrity. There are a small percentage of people who strive to be their best. So if you will just take that extra step or demonstrate extra care, you will stand out.

• Many assistants tell me they don’t want to attend their manager’s staff meetings because they are too busy! If assistants are to be taken seriously and considered part of the executive team, then they need to grow and learn to juggle responsibilities as an executive would. Focus on the benefits you will derive from attending these meetings. Many things are discussed in staff meetings that are not in the meeting minutes. These may be little items, but could have significant impact on the department or company. When you attend these meetings, you will be more proactive because you will be keeping your eyes open for anticipated information.

• Preserve your professionalism (and potential).

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