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How to Work With a Recruiter

How to Work With a Recruiter

One last note – working with a recruiter should not cost you a dime. Beware of recruiters that cost money to “find you the perfect job” – most likely, it is a scam. There are, however, agencies that will charge for coaching and helping a job seeker focus, but a traditional recruiter will not ever charge you, the job-seeker, for their services – most times they are paid a percentage of a new hire’s initial salary by the company that hired them. However, this in no way reduces the new hire’s salary, it is just the fee paid for placing such a candidate.

Résumé and Cover Letter Tips When Working with a Recruiter

A busy recruiter will toss your résumé for any of the following:

-Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or typos
-Not clearly stating your exact employment history, including dates
-Forgetting to include your name, address and phone number at the top of the document, or in a clear and obvious location
-Unclear, hard-to-read format

Get the most out of working with a recruiter. That means being honest and accurate, on time, and respectful of the recruiter’s time and expertise. Treat the recruiter as you would a potential employer. If you wouldn’t ask an employer to call you right back because you’re on the other line with your mother, don’t do it to a recruiter.

Does Your Salary Stink?

Recruiters are not resume-writers or career coaches. It is not appropriate and may even annoy the recruiter to ask them to help you write your resume, critique it, or “put in a good word” with the employer. That’s not to say some recruiters won’t give you advice, especially when you treat them with respect and consideration, just that it is not their job to do so.

Pepper your resume with “value propositions” – or, what you do in terms of tangible business results. If you know you’ve made a company’s profits grow from 50K to 100K in a year, by all means say so, and say it first. If you know you saved your office money but aren’t sure how much, then find out. Numbers speak volumes.

When responding to a listed advertisement, inserting a table with two columns in a cover letter will allow the recruiter to quickly scan the document and decide whether you are match. Use one column to list the job’s required experience and qualifications and list your corresponding qualifications in a second column. With over 500 candidates competing for the recruiter’s attention, don’t leave anything to chance.

Remember, making their job easier may just get you a job.

The First Meeting at the Recruiter’s Office

The biggest mistake that inexperienced job seekers make is to assume the meeting with the recruiter isn’t important. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt to meet with a recruiter is unacceptable.

The first meeting with the recruiter is just as important and in some cases more important than the interview with a potential employer because the recruiter decides if you even get to go on the interview.

Dress as you would for an important interview- in a suit, preferably, with clean-cut, conservative attire and hairstyle. You want your appearance to be neutral so that your personality and skills shine through.

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