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Lying on the Employment Resume

Lying on the Employment Resume

Kayla Baxter | AdminSecret

Ever wanted to just erase your inglorious past as a Denny’s server and forget that unfortunate plate-smashing incident that got you fired?

Have dreams of starting over as an advertising executive at a posh design firm? But you just don’t seem to have any actual advertising experience.

Okay, maybe you’d be more of a success as a chef. After all, you’re a great cook at home! You’ve got that going for you — right? You could get your friend to act as a reference. It’s a great idea! The only thing standing between you and the job of your dreams is your actual job history.

Not anymore.

Enter (also known as, a business dedicated to fabricating the perfect job history for the career you’ve always wanted.

They say they will create a company at a real address, complete with letterhead (and reference letters if you’d like), a real phone number, and have operators standing by to pose as your former manager and give you a glowing review. They’ll forward the call from your future employer to the “supervisor” you indicated on your order form and even inform you when they get a call from a potential employer — all for just $64 per year. The rest, says, is up to you.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Always interested in all things career, I contacted the mind behind, William Schmidt. All it took was a simple click on the “Chat Now!” feature of his site.

We settled upon a time for him to call me the next day, and then… he never called, and had refused to give me his contact information. I guess I should have expected as much, but that’s beside the point.

Moral Excuses

To be fair, CareerExcuse isn’t the first company to capitalize on morally questionable behavior. Take fake IDs for example (admit it — you had one), or the show Cheaters. Even Google’s Custom Send option, launched in April 2008, walked the line of truth: You could tell your boss, “But I sent you that email 5 days ago!” and be seemingly correct. To their credit, Google does set a limit to how many times (10, if you’re curious) you can use this morally dubious feature.

So what’s stopping you from creating your very own practically perfect job history? The same thing that probably kept you from cheating in school: fear of getting caught and (worse!) punished. Oh, and you could get in some serious trouble, according to Sally Morin, an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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