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The Successful Sales Conversation for VAs

The Successful Sales Conversation for VAs

Sydni Craig-Hart

Last week we discussed how to enroll new clients by using a solid follow-up system. I wanted to save this portion especially for this week. See, there is a small gap between having an interested prospect and enrolling that person as a new client.

That gap is an easy one to bridge. This article will provide you with the knowledge and tools to build that bridge to personal success, more clients and more money! After all, how successful could a road trip be if you drove to the bank of a river but your destination was on the other side? How would you bridge the gap? Evidently, you would need a ferry, a bridge, or some other means of reaching your destination.

Always remember that as a Virtual Assistant, your destination is to serve other people and help them. The more people you help, the more clients you have. The more clients you have… well, you get the picture!

Here you are at the riverbank of opportunity. The prospect is interested in how you can help them to build their business. You understand their needs and problems. In fact, you have the solutions to all of their problems. BUT, you are at the awkward point of helping them to sign a contract with you. You think to yourself, “What should I say? I don’t want to scare them away by being too pushy. I will wait for them to ask to work with me.” Have you ever felt like this?

To solve this problem it is always better if you make this process or what I call, The Sales Conversation, an easy transition for your prospect. How can you successfully bridge the gap from prospect to client? Follow me on this journey.

There are 3 brief questions that you want to ask your prospect. Before we go any further, there is a special note that I must attach to this important lesson:

The Sales Conversation should only take place when it is appropriate for you to do so. You have to gauge the level of interest and need that your prospect has regarding your services. Would this person be an ideal client for you? Is your personality a good match with hers?

If you ask yourself the questions above and receive the green light from your gut feeling, then by all means close the deal. This is how you do it:

Question #1 – What are your main objectives?

You want your prospect to repeat her goals. More than likely the length of your “get acquainted” call has been sufficient for you to learn about her business. The call has to end at some point and you want to transition into enrolling her as a new client.

Now, she will begin to highlight her goals. These goals may include, earning more money, spending more time with family, eliminating administrative clutter or focusing the majority of her time and energy on getting new clients.

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