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5 Ways to Keep Your Cool

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool

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Jay Cataldo | Excelle

During the few weeks prior to launching my latest website, my developer’s apathetic attitude began to seriously test my highly cultivated sense of patience. As the launch date drew nearer, each missed deadline reminded me why the ability to quickly calm the demons inside yourself is sometimes the only thing standing between you and emergency open heart surgery.

We all have more than enough stress to deal with as a result of our daily routines, yet we often make this burden much worse for ourselves by suppressing our negative emotions. The end result is similar to what happens to a pressure cooker when its steam valve gets jammed up … it’s only a matter of time before it explodes.

Back in our Neanderthal days, there was a simple and effective stress relief technique known as: “bash someone over the head until we feel better.” But since this tried-and-true method is no longer an option in our society, it’s imperative that we find an alternative way to purge ourselves of tension and rage.

And not just any method, mind you, but one that works fast, since the longer we allow our negativity to fester, the more damage it does to our insides (unresolved anger can be very dangerous to the body). While yoga and other forms of meditation are great for reducing cumulative stress, try hopping into a downward dog after your dry cleaner just destroyed your $700 Gucci baby doll, and you’ll quickly realize the futility of your actions.

So before you walk into work with a Louis Vuitton bag full of dynamite, put these five tips to use and exorcise those demons once and for all. Woooosaaaaahhh.

Tip #1: Pay attention to your body

Uncontrollable rage doesn’t overtake you in a split second … it needs some time to build up. The first thing you need to do is notice the buildup as it starts to happen, then immediately shift your attention to your diaphragm while taking slow, deep breaths. Often, this will prevent your anger from escalating further.

Tip #2: Repeat a silly (but effective) mantra of your choice

As your breathing slows, give yourself mental instructions to calm down. I personally like to repeat the phrase, “Calm down. Calm down. You’ll work everything out. Just chill.” Giving yourself instructions when your head’s about to explode helps your brain change its focus to something more useful than ballooning its blood vessels.

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