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9 Simple Steps to Succeeding As a Virtual Assistant

Educate Yourself about the Virtual Assistance Industry

If there’s one rule of thumb to live by when launching your own business, it’s “never stop learning.” In 9 Simple Steps to Succeeding as a Virtual Assistant, you’ll learn proven ways of getting the information you need to succeed.

1. Write down your questions—all of them. No question is too small or too obvious. At EA to VA, you can register for a one-on-one “Pick My Brain” session to receive firsthand advice from an industry expert on your specific situation.

2. Read up on the industry. The Virtual Assistants Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for industry statistics, articles, and online communities. The International Virtual Assistants Association is also packed with useful information.

3. Join a forum. Becoming part of an online community like EA ~> VA on LinkedIn is a great way to benefit from the support of other Virtual Assistants. You’ll benefit from the support, tips, advice, and friendship of hundreds of VAs across the world.

4. Check out other VA websites. By Googling “Virtual Assistant services,” you can explore the websites of established VAs and gain valuable insider information. Keep an eye out for those that exude a professional, cohesive design.

5. Sign up for a newsletter to stay up-to-date. Most Virtual Assistance communities offer electronic newsletters with important industry updates, career tips, and relevant articles. EA→VA Insights keeps you abreast of the latest industry developments, best practices, and tips for getting and retaining clients.

6. Get advice from an established, successful Virtual Assistant. Go straight to the source to get valuable insights about what you must do (and what you should never do) when launching and growing your business. When you download The Top 5 Mistakes New Virtual Assistants Make, you’ll receive full audio interviews chock full of firsthand success stories and cautionary tales from some of the industry’s most successful professionals.

7. Decide on the professional training you’ll take. While you may have the basic skill set necessary to perform the job duties of a VA, it’s also important to have a firm grasp of how to manage and grow your business. The industry’s premier training course, Assist U, connects you with the tools, resources, and contacts you need to gain a competitive edge.

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