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Mental Illness Resources and Answers to the Mental Illness IQ Quiz

Mental Illness Resources and Answers to the Mental Illness IQ Quiz

AdminSecret brought you the What’s Your Mental Illness IQ? quiz to test your knowlege of mental illness facts in the workplace and beyond. Here are the answers to that quiz as well as some links to mental illness resources.

What can cause mental illness?
The environment
Substance abuse
All of the above — Correct answer

From WebMd: “What are the causes of mental illness? Although the exact cause of most mental illnesses is not known, it is becoming clear through research that many of these conditions are caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors.”

Are mental illnesses covered under the ADA?
Yes, always
Yes, in some situations — Correct answer
Very occasionally

More information about mental illness rights under the ADA can be found here.

If you have to do certain rituals, you might have:
Obsessive-compulsive disorder — Correct answer
Generalized anxiety disorder
Social phobia

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by recurring unwanted thoughts and repetitive behavior. Learn more about it here.

Bipolar disorder used to be called:
Manic depression — Correct answer
Split personality
Dissociative disorder
Panic disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme instability and mood swings. Learn more about it here.

Who gets bipolar disorder more often?
It’s about even — Correct answer

Trichotillomania is:
The urge to eat excessively
The urge to pluck out your hair — Correct answer
The urge to gamble
The urge to shop

A type of impulse control disorder, causes people to find relief from anxiety or tension and a sense of pleasure from plucking out hair. Find out more about it here.

Which is not a mood disorder?
Major depressive disorder
Bipolar disorder
Schizophrenia — Correct answer

Mood disorders are classified by the presence or absence of manic episodes. Learn more about them here.

Signs of mental illness include:
Change in personality
All of the above — Correct answer

Mental illness can present itself in several different ways arranged into problems with “thinking, feeling, socializing, functioning, problems at home’ and poor self-care.” Learn the major signs here.

ADHD stands for:
Alcohol Dependency and Hallucination Disorder
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder — Correct answer
Adult Dysphasia and Health Disorder

Contrary to popular belief, ADHD can present itself in children and adults. Learn more about ADHD and get support here.

Can alcohol abuse cause depression?
Yes — Correct answer

While some individuals who suffer from depression self-medicate with alcohol, increasing evidence shows that alcohol abuse can actually cause depression.

Who are more likely to self-injure?
Middle- to upper-class women — Correct answer
Middle- to lower-class women
Middle- to upper-class men
Middle to lower-class men

However, self injury can strike anyone. You can get an overview of self injury here and there are resources to help you here.

Mental illness tends to surface:
In childhood or adolescence — Correct answer
In adulthood

You can learn a lot more about mental illness in childhood and adolescence here.

About how many people have panic disorders?
One in five
One in 10 — Correct answer
One in 50
One in 100

You can learn more about panic disorder, including signs and symptoms and possible treatment options, here.

As a cause of death for young people, suicide ranks:
Third — Correct answer
For help regarding suicide and young people, click here, and suicide prevention resources for the general population can be found here.

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