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What's the Key to Online Social Media?

What's the Key to Online Social Media?

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…The key is to mind your manners!

We ALL participate in online social media in our world today… and if you think you’re one of the people who DOESN’T, I’ve got news for you: Just reading this blog is participating in the world of online social media.

See, our blog has a comments section where back and forth communication of ideas and positions about any of our posts can take place — granted, we don’t get a ton of comments but we do get some — and that interaction is social. Inside our member’s area on our private forum, these conversations and interactions are very robust and we’re all learning a lot from them. Forums — private or open — are another form of online social media.

Other social media outlets are everything from YouTube to Twitter to Facebook to MySpace to Linkedin to Digg to StumbleUpon to FriendFeed to… well, you get the point. There are so many different ways for people to communicate online nowadays, I can’t image anyone being able to keep up with all of them.

But whatever platforms you decide to participate in, you should also realize that there are un-written rules to interacting and communicating on each. No one is going to spell these rules out for you and as a matter of fact, they’re not even written down anywhere… basically, it’s to mind your manners.

I find it humorous that the most important thing about online social media is to be nice … if you’re nice, most people will respond positively to you and what you have to say. Take this list of “LinkedIn Pet Peeves” that users have … most of them are about having common courtesy and being nice!

As assistants, you will continue to grow your online social presence by communicating more and more with people in your network so keep your parents voice in your head and “mind your manners” because in this new world of communication, everyone is watching.

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