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Happy Bosses Day!

Happy Bosses Day!

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Enjoy your day, Boss!

Joan and I have yet to spend an administrative professional’s day together. In fact, we rarely spend bosses day together either. Joan’s speaking schedule is at its most hectic in the spring and in the fall which is fine – we always find time to let each other know how much we appreciate the other and how thankful we are to have each other here at the office.

Yesterday, we had that rare opportunity to sit with each other at the NSTech Corporate IAAP Chapter Executive of the Year Luncheon/Awards. The NSTech Chapter asked Joan to speak at this special event on Executives and Assistants driving change in their own organizations. Admins and Executives attended together not only from NSTech but from various companies around the Las Vegas valley. I enjoyed meeting new faces and reconnecting with old friends. Joan’s presentation moved me as I listened to her speak about the executives she worked with in her days as an assistant and what it was about them that really made an impact on her as a young 20-something assistant.

As I sit here, a young 20-something assistant, I really have to take it all in. How I got to where I am and oh, the places I will go from here with Office Dynamics – all because one person believes in me. My leader! My mentor! My business partner and friend. As assistants, many of us admire Joan Burge and what she does for the administrative profession every day and I value the chance to work with her. She truly is an executive that has made an impact on me and even changed my life.

At this luncheon the admins were give the chance to share with their executive what they valued about them. I shared with an admin next to me who had an executive who had another function – she shared about how he always makes her feel a part of the team as an equal and that he values her input – he even asks for her input. I shared with her that even when my plate is full and Joan comes to me with more tasks and ideas, I cherish it. I, just as Joan did when she was an assistant, love it when she brings me tasks that are more complex – it proves to me that she has the confidence in me to get the job done and she trusts that I will. I hope you all enjoy your day today with your business partners. If they are out, send them a note about something you really appreciate about your working relationship with them. Please, share with us as well via the comment section of this blog.

Special congratulations to Gregory Spencer, the Executive of the Year award winner. Hearing the letter your assistant, Marianne, wrote about you was moving and I am so glad we were able to be a part of this event.

Happy Bosses Day…or as Joan would say, Happy Leaders Day!

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