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Turning an Interview into a Job

Turning an Interview into a Job

So, your killer resume has resulted in the interview. Now it’s make or break time. Nothing else matters. When you walk in the door for an interview you are starting off at zero. The only thing that matters to that employer now is how you come off in the interview.

First Impressions

Remember, you can never make a new first impression. If you mess this up, you’ll be in for an uphill battle for the rest of the interview.

* Dress for Success: Always, always, always dress up for an interview. If you have one, wear a suit, but whatever you wear your clothes should be clean, pressed, and well fitting. Women should wear stockings; men should wear ties. Hair should be clean and neatly groomed (as should facial hair, gentlemen, so trim those mustaches and beards). Makeup should be subtle and not overdone, and the same goes for perfume. Even if the company has a casual dress code, you should dress up. I interviewed at a software company that had a casual dress code, but as usual I wore my nice suit for the interview. Later, after I was hired, my boss gave me his interview file to send letters to those who weren’t selected. He had commented on every one’s dress. Mine was “neat and professional, appropriate dress”. Others were not so complimentary, including comments of “too casual for interview”. Remember, dress counts!

* Give a Firm Handshake: Practice your handshake. Find a friend to help you out and practice. No one likes a limp handshake, but at the same time, we don’t like our fingers squeezed in a vice. A firm handshake denotes confidence.

* Make Eye Contact: When you greet someone, always make eye contact. Again, practice this with a friend. If you are uncomfortable making eye contact, practice looking at the bridge of the person’s nose. It looks like you’re making eye contact even if you aren’t. People automatically tend to distrust those who don’t make eye contact, so this is an important first impression.

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