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Organization + Systems = Clarity and Progress

Organization + Systems = Clarity and Progress

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You may recall me mentioning that my theme for 2010 is going to be “organization”. Two of the things I pride myself on in my business are knowing where everything in my office is and making steady progress in my business. But, I’ll be the first two admit, things are not always as organized as they could be.

I think this is the case with most entrepreneurs. We are so great with coming up with ideas. We LOVE to start new projects. But we aren’t always great at finishing those projects or keeping our business affairs in order. That fact often leads to a whole host of challenges.

It can result in a lot of wasted time (which directly affects one’s income). It can also create a lack of clarity (which prevents focused, consistent action). It will almost ALWAYS lead to frustration (which affects one’s mood and is NOT client attractive).

The good news is that organizing your business and implementing systems is not nearly as difficult as one might think. Following are a few strategies I’ve learned (in JUST two sessions) from my friend and organizer extraordinaire, Joshua Zerkel:

1. Determine what organization REALLY means to YOU! — I’ve learned that organization means different things to different people. But all that really matters is what it means to you and what YOUR goals are. So when you envision your business running like a well-oiled machine, what does that look like to you? How does it feel? Be specific and DON’T worry about what others (including your mother) think it means. Get comfortable with your own definition and own it. 2. Set specific goals — Saying to yourself, “I want to organize my office” is not a specific goal. A specific goal is one like, “I want to create a filing system for my client files” or “I plan to create a system for managing my receipts”. The more specific your goals are the easier they are to attain. Plus, you can then work on one at a time and not overwhelm yourself. 3. Schedule time to work on your projects — Your office (or any other room of your home) isn’t going to organize itself. Wishful thinking won’t get the job done either. You need to allocate specific blocks of time to work on JUST organizing and on just ONE small project at a time. TRUST me on this! Book a few 2 -3 hour sessions for yourself and plan ahead as to what you want to accomplish in that time. You’ll love how inspired and satisfied you feel when you’re done. Plus you’ll be much more excited and motivated to do it again.

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