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Are Your Work Communications Professional? ... Are You Sure?

Are Your Work Communications Professional? ... Are You Sure?

Came across an article from the site Careerealism recently that was a great story about the difference between being professional and “not so” professional in your communications at work and how that can affect your reputation, responsibilities and yeah, even your promotion.

I see this all the time at the advertising agency when either as an intern or new hire just out of college, no matter if you’re out on the town for a couple drinks with your college crew versus communicating with a client/partner/sr. executive at work, there is no difference in the quality and tone of their communication. Speaking, emailing or writing a new business deck, the communication doesn’t take on the formal tone that work communication deserves.

Some of this is because these young guns want to get their ideas out of their heads as quickly as possible so they don’t forget them and the other part is just not realizing that there is a more formal mode of communication when working with co-workers, superiors and especially clients and customers. I don’t blame our “wired in” generation for this; they’ve grown up with Twitter, Facebook, and IM status updates where slang and short communication rule.

The rule of thumb for work though is to be as formal as possible until the person your communicating with sets the tone of the relationship. And even then, I personally still communicate more formally since when I’m working, I’m working and then when I’m playing, I’m playing. Separating the two makes all the difference for me.

But the best trick of all for avoiding this communication pothole is two fold: Set automatic spell checking to all of your emails AND re-read every email and document you send out for tone before hitting that send button. Agree, disagree? We welcome your comments!

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