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Top 10 Reasons to Become an Administrative Assistant

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Administrative Assistant

Currin Berdine / AdminSecret

10) There Is An Entire Week Dedicated To You
Christmas in April? The last full week of the month is all about giving you flowers.

9) More Often Than Not, You Are The Only One Who Knows How To Do It
It is funny to watch people squirm. The head of finance is a genius, so how come he can’t change a coffee filter!?!

8) Awesome Work Hours
Because you come in early, you get to leave while it is still light outside. Watch out: people get jealous.

7) You Get To Plan Parties, Happy Hours, Decorate for Holidays, Etc.
Basically, you get to do all the cool and fun work.

6) You Get To Chat With People All Day
Admins greet people when they walk in the door, so you get to meet new and interesting people all the time. Plus, people love coming up to your desk to see how you are (especially if you have a candy jar.)

5) You Get To Choose The Office Grub
Love Fig Newtons? You can order them for the kitchen. Been craving Thai food? Order it for company lunch. It’s your call, which is a priceless power.

4) When You Are Out Of The Office, It Goes Into Total Chaos
People cry out of sadness when you leave, and cry out of happiness when you come back.

3) You Know All The Office Gossip
Admins are the center of everything in the workplace and somehow – in some mysterious admin way – you know all.

2) You Get Paid To Dress Well
“I have to go shopping this weekend, my boss insisted!”

1) Everyone Loves The Admins
For all the reasons mentioned, people love the admins!

Why do you think it is awesome to be an admin? Discuss it!

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