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How to Get Your Administrative Title Changed

How to Get Your Administrative Title Changed

Through our “Contact Us” form on our web site, Laurie writes: “In your webinars, you mentioned you were able to persuade your executive to change your title. I am Assistant to the President of my company. My present title is Administrative Assistant, but my workload and responsibilities indicate it should be Executive Assistant. Can you share your ideas of how to approach my boss with this request?”

The first step is to grasp that you need to use a logical approach backed by facts. The steps would look like:

1. Here is my current title: Administrative Assistant.

2. Here is what my job has entailed in the past 2 years. This is where you need to pinpoint what you are doing differently than when you first started in this exact position. What are your new responsibilities; more importantly, what is the depth of those additional responsibilities? How have you grown your position? What new skills have you developed? What new technologies and applications have you learned and applied? Be specific, detailed, yet concise. Your executive doesn’t have a lot of time so get to the point.

3. Possibly do some research regarding administrative titles for admins who support a President of a company. Maybe go to OfficeTeam’s web site or IAAP. You can also see what is common in your community and refer to those. This helps your President see it isn’t just what you think but this is the overall trend.

4. I related my need for a title change and the importance of a title to how managers’ titles change as they advance in their field and company. In other words, I told my executive something like: “John, just as various titles for management change based on their work, level of responsibility, who they report to, and their level in the organization, so should an assistant’s title reflect the same. Just as you have worked hard in your career to achieve your status and title, I have done the same.” This was in addition to numbers 1 through 3 above.

5. Then tell your President you recommend your title be Executive Assistant to the President. It far more represents the work you perform and the fact that you report to him, the President… an executive!

6. You also want to include how others may perceive you differently because of your title. Executive Assistants just sounds like you are at a higher level than Administrative Assistant. The public does form perceptions based on someone’s title. Since you are the liaison for your executive and need to make things happen for him, you need others to respect you and your position.

Those are some of the steps I took. My executive did have to go to our huge corporate office to get approval. Eventually I got my new title and a salary increase! Although you should just work on your title right now. You may not want to push the situation especially in this economy.

Think baby steps…..

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