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10 Ways to Make Your Interviewer Love You

10 Ways to Make Your Interviewer Love You

By Not Just The Kitchen for Divine Caroline

The dreaded job interview. No matter your resume and talents if you mess this up you won’t get that job. In today’s tough economy you need every possible edge. It can be a simple equation: You want to be liked — not hated.

Here are ten simple things to do that will dramatically increase your chances: from wearing the right expression, to knowing what not to say, to never ever breaking a sweat.

1. Don’t Be a Smiley Face
Excessive smiling in a job interview is seen for what it is — nervousness and a lack of confidence. A smiley face exudes phoniness, which will quickly be picked up by the interviewer. Instead, be thoughtful and pleasant. Smile when there’s something to smile about. Do a practice run in front of a mirror or friend.

2. Don’t be a Know-It-None
Your job is to be knowledgeable about the company for which you’re interviewing. Random facts about last night’s Dancing with the Stars episode or your favorite blog will not get you the job. Never feel you have to fill an interview with small talk. Find ways to talk about serious subjects related to the industry or company. Pockets of silence are better than padding an interview with random babble.

3. Don’t Sweat
You can lose a job by wearing an undershirt or simply a little too much clothing. Sweaty palms or beads on your forehead will not impress. You are not applying to be a personal trainer. Sweat will be seen as a sign of weakness and nervousness. Do a practice run with your job interview outfit in front of friends. The job interview is one place you definitely don’t want to be hot.

4. Put Down That Stop Sign
Interviewers are seeking candidates eager to take on challenging projects and jobs. Hesitance and a nay-saying mentality will be as visible as a red tie — and seen as a negative. Practice saying “yes” to questions about your interest in tasks and work that might normally give you pause.

5. Don’t Be a Sheeple
Asking the location of the lunchroom or meeting room will clue the interviewer in to your lack of preparation and initiative. Prepare. Don’t ask questions about routine elements or functions of a company: Where stuff is, the size of your cube, or the company policy on coffee breaks.

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