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Handling Job Loss & 8 Tips to Get Back On Track

Handling Job Loss & 8 Tips to Get Back On Track

Joan Burge | Office Dynamics

While we heard news the 4th quarter of 2009 that the recession was over, people are still being let go from their position. Numerous administrative assistants and even high level executive assistants have written me. I’ve been requested to address this in a blog.

One scenario: “My question is how do you handle job loss? After 6+ years with my present company, they are restructuring the admins and have laid off those of us who can’t relocate to another state. I am one of those. I am a seasoned Administrative Assistant with many years experience, great at what I do and knowledgeable in corporate business. I would love to stay with my company; however, they are closing the one and only office in this state to centralize the admins; unless I move out of state, staying is not a viable option.”

I empathize with you. When I worked in the administrative profession, I lost two different jobs due to downsizing. Both happened at a time when our children were young and I needed to work.

While it is easy for me to say, “Let it go and move on,” it’s hard. There are several emotions involved when we are let go from a job — especially if we liked the work, the people, the company and the pay!

1. You’ve got to get a great resume in order that sells you and your expertise. Since it has been 6 years since this admin was on the market looking for a job, it has changed tremendously. It’s a battle out there with competition. The approach to resume writing and interviewing has changed. Many times, a computer is sifting through resumes and kicking them out if the right word was not used in the resume. You will have to take time to learn all the new tricks and how to get your resume seen.

2. Practice interviewing; communicating what you bring to the table that the 20+ applicants won’t. You have 1 opportunity to get a 2nd or 3rd interview. Dress professionally and act confidently.

3. Research the company you will be interviewing with. Know about them and bring what you learned up in the interview.

4. Be sure to send a personal thank you note after your interview. That always stands out.

5. Be willing to take a somewhat lesser position if it means you can advance in the future. Or be open to an entirely new opportunity. You never know what it might lead to.

6. Keep networking and see if anyone can direct you.

7. Do temp work until you land a permanent full-time position.

8. Do not let discouragement get to you. Keep a good attitude and believe that something great will be coming your way — it just may take several months.

Best of luck!

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