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10 Ways to Deal With the Signs of Layoff

10 Ways to Deal With the Signs of Layoff

Melissa C. Martin |

4. You have been “singled” out in public or in private by management.

This shameful behavior is prevalent, unfortunately in 2010. Have your ideas been discredited increasingly during staff meetings? Are you the subject of intense scrutiny “behind closed doors” by management, resulting in more frequent meetings in your boss’ office?

5. Is office communication between you and management abnormally slow, infrequent or compromised?

6. The company or organization has been performing poorly from an economic standpoint.

Have contracts been lost (consistently), or fewer customers or clients patronizing the establishment? Has management struggled and scrambled to recoup some of the lost revenue, perhaps by prioritizing fundraising initiatives, which may not otherwise be a priority at the company? Has a professional fundraiser been brought into the company in short order?

7. The company or organization is loathe or unable to be transparent about its finances to staff or to its stakeholders, such as a board of directors.

Businesses’ primary objective is to generate revenue. Survival of the fittest is a frequent characteristic of the global economy.

8. Can your job or position be outsourced easily?

Many major corporations and companies have chosen to uproot domestic jobs in favor of cheaper labor elsewhere. In the sluggish economy, companies are getting better at doing with less, and requiring employees to fill multiple roles to save themselves from the pink slip queue.

9. Is your job or position being duplicated in the community?

Certain companies, organizations and industries may not be able to sustain like-minded services and still compete as the established product or service.

10. Are your professional achievements undervalued?

Territorial behavior does exist. So does professional envy.

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