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10 Ways to Deal With the Signs of Layoff

10 Ways to Deal With the Signs of Layoff

Melissa C. Martin |

Quick remedies:

1. Document all your professional milestones in the last year and a half (i.e. achievements, accomplishments, etc.) The most crucial is to show how you have saved/made an employer money, saved time and/or improved something. Employers have a one track mind.

2. Know your allies at work. Get support immediately. Receiving the pink slip unexpectedly hurts enough, unless you have a support network to soften the blow. Support starts from home and extends into the workplace with trusted colleagues who can vouch for your achievements and accomplishments.

3. Get testimonials (letters of reference, etc) from colleagues or someone who knows your work performance and ethics intimately. Advance further and get testimonials online. Remember, your online identity is priceless. Use testimonials to your advantage. At least you will have online testimonials that are visible and speak to your professional integrity.

4. Grieve the loss of your job. Remember J.T O’Donnell’s comment? Losing a job translates to losing one’s identity, at least in North American society.

5. Be aware (just aware) of the cycle of unemployment (the signs resemble the stages of grief). Each individual grieves differently.

6. Get professional help to deal with point #5, if necessary.

7. Have a job search plan and hire a coach to devise a strategy that is winnable for you.

8. Take solace that layoffs rarely reflect you personally (though it may seem so, in a painful way). They reflect economics more often that not.

9. Take advantage of training or new training.

10. Volunteer your time. Elevate your self-esteem and contribute to the community.

In closing, powerhouse Brian Tracy has a brilliant tactic to uplift you in turbulent times:

“Practice being an inverse paranoid, convinced that there is a vast conspiracy to make u successful.”

WOW! And I love to quote the ancient Romans, “Fortune favors the bold.”

Go out and be productive in your life!

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