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Ugly Ducklings Need Not Apply

Ugly Ducklings Need Not Apply

Eve Tahmincioglu |

I luckily found a column by Eileen Zimmerman, a fellow freelancer who writes for the New York Times and True/Slant. She did sign up and actually used a photo of a dog wearing a tux when asked to submit a picture of herself. I loved that.

She wrote she had trouble navigating the site and she wrote: “Although it seems there are companies advertising jobs on the site, I can’t see any of them yet… I’m not a confirmed Beautiful Job Seeker (and may likely never be…) but I can’t imagine the kind of companies that really care how good looking their employees are… unless it’s a bar, perhaps, or an escort service.”

I must say, it would probably take a lot of guts to go to this site and have a bunch of people you don’t know rate your beauty. Why you’d want to is beyond me.

And it probably would be even odder for a hiring manager to say, “I found a great candidate on”

I’m sure employment lawyers worried about discrimination charges would have a field day with that one. Even though ugly is not a protected classification under any of the nation’s labor laws, one person’s idea of beauty may be tied to their prejudices against a certain race or ethnic group.

“You can definitely use sites like this as a covert way to do racial profiling in the workplace,” surmised an attorney friend of mine. “The ideal American beauty has always traditionally been blond-haired blue eyed.”

If it’s true that beauty is in they eye of the beholder, is it a dumb or brilliant idea to have sites like this?

And is the hiring edge attractive people may have about beauty or self-confidence?

According the Florida university study: “people who were rated good-looking made more money, were better educated and were more confident.”

Maybe there should be a site called

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