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Why It Pays to Follow Up in Your Job Search

Why It Pays to Follow Up in Your Job Search

Mary Sevinksy |

Notice a recurring theme? A job seeker has to overcome his or her fears to apply for jobs and to follow up. So. How does a job seeker overcome his or her fears and follow up? Several things will help:

1. Target those employers for which there is special interest and/or opportunity.

2. Research those employer to the best of your ability – include an in person visit if this is possible.

3. Develop a telephone script paying special attention to the goal of your call. Click here for some guidance on how to develop a telephone script. Of course, make sure you are well situated and will not be interrupted.

4. Practice both in front of a mirror and with someone whose opinion you respect. Practice until you feel comfortable and sound natural.

5. Just do it. Jump in and start calling the employers on the list – it will get easier and more comfortable with each call. If you want, start with employers or positions in which you are not as interested.

6. If an employer does not respond by phone, try email or in person – again take care to develop a script, practice and review with someone else prior to sending an email or visiting in person.

Much like the application process, follow up will provide success the more often it is done. More follow up equals more interviews/job offer. Not that you shouldn’t be smart about what you apply for or follow up on, but you should actively do both. Remember, as a job seeker you are only looking for the one employer who is offering you the job – not those who aren’t!

Mary is a Masters-prepared Career Counselor with over 18 years experience in resume writing, personal branding, career assessment and counseling. Specializing in non-traditional specialized careers and career-transitioning, she has the ability to synthesize and focus your unique skills and abilities to obtain interviews for the positions you want with the employers you want to notice you. Follow her on Twitter at @MarySevinsky.

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