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Personal Traits Harmful to Your Career

Personal Traits Harmful to Your Career

Being late can prevent you from getting interviews

Ilona Vanderwoude | CAREEREALISM

Here’s something interesting: the way you respond to specific situations tends to be the way you respond across the board.

This is nothing mysterious; it simply reveals some of our character traits underlying our behavior.

The goal here is to be aware of your behavior patterns during your career transition.

For example: if some of your friends you frequently hang out with make plans to get together without you, what is your first reaction? Do you feel rejected, do you get angry, or do you simply wonder what they’re up to and assume they were just about to ask you?

Your reaction to this kind of situation is likely the same you’ll have when you don’t hear back after applying somewhere.

(And, as an aside: there are SO many reasons you may not hear back after sending in your resume – especially in response to a job posting – that have NOTHING to do with you. )

Another example – a personal one this time:

I tend to want to be prepared and have my ducks in a row. Not very convenient when you’re running a business. So I’m trying my best to unlearn this trait. It’s also not handy if you’re in career transition as it may prevent you from taking action until you are “ready” – which, if you’re like me, you’ll never be!

Perfection is unattainable. Progress, on the other hand, is a fantastic goal.

A few other examples:

Are you someone who is always late? If so, you probably have a hard time getting to your interviews on time as well. Make sure to figure in extra time to avoid this major faux-pas!

Do you get curt with service staff in restaurants and other places? When going on interviews; be mindful of how you treat receptionists and assistants at these companies as they are often asked about their impressions of the candidates! (And what were you thinking in the first place; show some respect for your fellow citizens; regardless of their socio-economic position!)

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