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How to Make Your Boss Look Good

How to Make Your Boss Look Good

Nealeigh Mitchell | Excelle

When you’ve got a good working relationship with your boss, she can be your greatest asset. Not only can she help you succeed in your current job and prepare you for more responsibility, she can also make your work satisfying and fun.

But of course this just doesn’t happen. It’s up to you to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Nobody wants to fail. Especially your boss. In a climate of success, everybody wins. Your boss wins because you are making her look competent and capable. You win because you know your efforts are being recognized and rewarded. Your company wins because the job gets done.

Sure, this is often an uphill battle, especially if your boss isn’t the easiest to work with. But the quickest way to get to the top is to help your boss shine. Here’s what she needs from you to succeed.

Remain Loyal
Ever wonder what it takes to become your boss’s most trusted advisor? Loyalty and dependability. That doesn’t mean submitting to her every whim or acting as her puppet. It does mean supporting her efforts and recommending alternatives if need be. Your trustworthiness is the foundation for your relationship with your boss. Without it, you’re going nowhere.

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