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How Well Do You Play the Game?

How Well Do You Play the Game?

Christine F. Della Monaca / Monster

When we asked members, “How well do you play the game at work?” the question provoked a range of responses. Many felt their inability to deal with office politics had hurt their careers. Others were baffled by people who got ahead based on looks, knowing the right person or doing the right amount of kissing up, despite being unqualified for their jobs. And still others had enough confidence in their own political skills to give advice to others.

Check out these stories, rants and advice to strengthen your own game.

The Game’s Not for Them

I think you’re enforcing “the game” by even mentioning it. There shouldn’t be “games” in the workplace. People go to work to produce goods and services.

I will not participate in office politics. I do believe that it is a lot of backstabbing. I feel if you are a snitch, upper management will feel that you will tell something on them as well.

I guess people like me have to learn to be social, not sensitive. It’s easier for me to have a good relationship with people like clients, but I feel the relationship within the office is much more difficult to deal with. I’m a hardworking person. Maybe being a contractor or freelancer is more suitable for those not social like me.

I work in child care, where I am the only guy amongst 11 to 12 women. Believe me: I couldn’t suck worse in this type of office politics. The gossip alone makes me not want to socialize at all, workwise or casually. I must say that I can talk to a few of my coworkers, but even then I have to pick and choose what I say. The fact that I am the only guy at my center means my coworkers are apprehensive in talking to me about anything. They don’t talk to me like they do to each other for fear I may say something they may take offense over, and since my personality is pretty laid-back, I may make certain remarks that can be construed the wrong way.

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Paying the Price for Not Playing

Not playing the game got me fired. I was an employee who minded her own business. I saw what no one did and heard what no one spoke. After 19 years of service, they decided to fire me using the excuse that I wasn’t up to par with the rest of the people. That’s what I got.

After two months of employment, I was approached by the owner, who told me I would be a perfect fit for an open supervisor position. I accepted the challenge and kept a clean record, worked extremely long hours and had no problems, complaints or written warnings of any kind until this year. In another meeting with the company owner, I was instructed to change the way I interacted with my sales rep. I assured him I was doing my best to work with this person, who is difficult, and I would resolve any differences.

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