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Take Yourself from Brand X to You Inc.

Take Yourself from Brand X to You Inc.

You have to stand out and make yourself - and your brand - distinctly recognizable.

Cheryl Hall | Dallas Morning News

If you think hard work and good fortune will be your yellow-brick paving stones to career success, you may already be living in fantasy land.

Hard work is just table stakes in today’s world and luck is too fickle to depend on, says Dallas career strategist Karyl Innis. Your name has to stand for something more distinctive than worker bee in your boss’s mind.

Think of it as creating a brand for You Inc.

“What are you known for? It’s the question I ask at the beginning of every interview, every workshop, every one-on-one with executives,” the chief executive of the Innis Co. says. “A personal brand is the place you occupy in your career decision-maker’s mind.”

We all carry labels, like them or not. It’s up to you to craft yours into a marketable brand, says Ms. Innis, who has been fine-tuning corporate executives for more than three decades.

“You have to decide who you are in the world of work. Ask yourself why anyone would choose you for a promotion or a task.”

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A lawyer once told Ms. Innis that she was known for bringing the best chocolate chip cookies to parties. That won’t cut it.

You have to figure out what you want to be known for.

“Keep a brand-o-meter going in your head,” Ms. Innis advises. “Think relevance and prevalence. How relevant is this comment about chocolate chip cookies in terms of what you want and need to be known for? How often is this message about you being sent into your marketplace?”

The message needs to be frequent and on point, she says. "I call it creating ‘best buzz.’ "

Her corporate clients include Ernst & Young, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bain & Co. and Shell Oil Co.

Ironically, the reward for being known as a hard worker is often more hard work – not that leadership position you may be after.

One of the world’s largest international consulting companies wanted to find out why it has never had a woman partner in its Dallas office.

It didn’t take long to pinpoint the problem.

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