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10 Best States for Medical Secretary Job Growth

10 Best States for Medical Secretary Job Growth

AdminSecret and the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Medical secretaries are one of the most in demand workforces in the country. But some states need medical secretaries more than others. If you are having trouble finding a job in your area, or you are just looking for a fresh start, these ten states are estimated to offer the most job growth over the next decade. From sunny California to bustling New York, there is an administrative job for you waiting in one of these ten great states.

Medical Secretaries: Numeric Employment Change from 2004-2014

1. Florida
Jobs Added: 5,650
Percent Increase: 20%

2. New Jersey
Jobs Added: 5,400
Percent Increase: 14%

3. Washington
Jobs Added: 2,850
Percent Increase: 20%

4. North Carolina
Jobs Added: 2,680
Percent Increase: 19%

5. California
Jobs Added: 2,600
Percent Increase: 8%

6. Ohio
Jobs Added: 2,380
Percent Increase: 8%

7. South Carolina
Jobs Added: 1,830
Percent Increase: 32%

8. Pennsylvania
Jobs Added: 1,800
Percent Increase: 12%

9. Indiana
Jobs Added: 1,430
Percent Increase: 15%

10. Oregon
Jobs Added: 1,210
Percent Increase: 17%

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