Could You Pass Part One of the CAP/CPS Admin Certification Exam?

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People are considering Professional CAP/CPS certification more than ever. The process is faster than earning your higher-ed degree, yet proves you are knowledgeable about office terminology and technology.

Section One of the exam covers "Office Systems & Technologies." Office Systems and Technology (CPS and CAP exams) covers computer hardware, systems, and configuration; document layout, design, and reproduction; software; and managing physical resources.

In the actual exam, this section is 150 questions in 120 minutes, which is equivalent to 5 questions every 4 minutes. Therefore, if you want to time yourself like it was an actual exam, then set a timer for 16 minutes (20 questions in 16 minutes.)

Here you go!

  • 1.

    Computer keyboards used traditionally in today's office are named after the top six keys on the board. Therefore, its name is:

  • 2.

    In technological terms, "debugging" means:

Which of these is a computer processing unit supplied by a single microchip?