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Upgrade Your Desktop Computing Skills

Upgrade Your Desktop Computing Skills

Today’s administrative professional is taking on more high-level responsibilities in the office than ever before. The reasons for this evolution:

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1) Modern technology frees up time for admins to tackle important projects, rather than waste precious time on basic tasks. Computers, electronic filing systems, e-mail, software applications, etc. make activities that used to suck up hours take only minutes – even seconds.

2) In today’s tight economy, businesses require each employee be multitalented and take on many roles. Admins are proving to be not only assistants, but office counselors, budget maintainers, client account managers, and more.

3) Admins are in a more competitive work environment than ever before. They are showing off their skills and education to stand out and move them forward.

AdminSecret, in partnership with Monster and Cornerstone OnDemand, is now offering an online
Desktop Applications Training Bundle.

For a low cost of $129, you will have three months of access to material from four specialized courses:

  • • Access 2002, 2003, & 2007
  • • Computer Basics: Using Your PC
  • • Computing Concepts: Data & Security
  • • Crystal Reports, & Crystal Reports XI
  • • Excel 2003, 2007, & 2007 Advanced
  • • GroupWise 6.5
  • • Internet Explorer 6, & Internet Explorer 7
  • • Introduction to PCs: Software, Internet, & Troubleshooting
  • • Lotus Notes 6.5
  • • Office 2003, 2007, XP
  • • Paint Shop Pro 5
  • • PowerPoint 2002, 2003
  • • Project 2003
  • • SharePoint 2003
  • • Visio 2002
  • • Windows 2000 Basics, Vista, XP
  • • Word 2002, 2003, &2007

Work at your own pace while you broaden your desktop skills through trainings exercises and simulations. You can instantly apply what you’ve learned when you’re on the job!

The role of an administrative assistant has moved well beyond the title of ‘secretary’ because of the position’s evolving responsibilities. In order to accomplish these tasks successfully, they must have the knowledge and skills to perform up to par. An in-demand admin doesn’t just settle for their high school degree. Modern admins have Bachelor’s degrees from top colleges and are trained in Microsoft Office Applications and Office Management Software. Employers don’t want to waste their time and money teaching somebody how to work around the office, when there are plenty of people that can come in on the first day and be in control.

Why Should I Take These Online Courses?

Taking online courses in desktop and database applications, you can propel your professional career to the next level. Having the background and education to get hired in the first place is only the beginning. It’s the difference between a receptionist simply answering phones to an executive assistant organizing projects for multi-million dollar deals. There is also a difference in salary – you can earn tens of thousands of dollars more each year. Furthermore, you’ll gain more responsibility and therefore be of more value to your company, making your position more recession-proof and stable. Job opportunities will open easier and faster if you have the training to accomplish more.

AdminSecret, in partnership with Monster and Cornerstone OnDemand offers affordable online training program to help you advance your career.

You will have on demand access to specialized courses over three months for only $129.

How do I sign up for the Desktop Applications Training Bundle?

1. Click the orange “Purchase this bundle” button
2. Create a Monster Professional Development Account
3. Confirm your choices and invest in your future

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