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Answers to the Quiz: Could You Pass Part One of the CAP/CPS Admin Certification Exam?

Answers to the Quiz: Could You Pass Part One of the CAP/CPS Admin Certification Exam?

1) Computer keyboards used traditionally in today’s office are named after the top six keys on the board. Therefore, it’s name is:

a. 12356 Keyboard
b. Dvorak Keyboard
c. Functional Keyboard
d. Qwerty Keyboard – Correct Answer!

2) In technological terms, debugging means:

a. Locating and fixing errors in program code – Correct Answer!
b. Locating and extracting computer viruses
c. Getting dirt and dust out of the keyboard
d. Exterminating annoying pests

3) Which of these is a computer processing unit supplied by a single microchip:

a. Minicomputer
b. Microprocessor – Correct Answer!
c. Internal Storage Unit
d. Nanosecond

4) Computers, phones, printers, and other electronic equipment which all communicate with each other are connected through a ___. If an office has a private one for internal websites it is also called an ___.

a. Wire, Intranet
b. VPN, Plug-in
c. Network, Intranet – Correct Answer!
d. Wire, Internet

5) Which of the following allows you to access any piece of information, in any order, regardless of its physical location?

a. RAM (Random Access Memory) – Correct Answer!
b. RAM (Reorder Accessing Method)
c. ROM (Recurring Operating Method)
d. ROM (Read-Only Memory)

6) Alphabetically or numerically ordering records or data is:

a. Alphabetizing
b. Sequencing – Correct Answer!
c. Time Sharing
d. Book Marking

7) Computer languages like APL and PL/I are best used for:

a. General problem-solving, like BASIC – Correct Answer!
b. Specific finance and administrative applications, like COBOL
c. Solving mathematical problems, like FORTRAN or MATLAB
d. Creating webpages, like HTML or Java

8) The typical office space for a Secretary or Administrative Assistant is about:

a) The same size as the reception room
b) 50 to 100 square feet
c) 100 to 150 square feet – Correct Answer!
d) 150 to 200 square feet

9) How many Bits are in a Byte?

a) 1/2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 8 – Correct Answer!

10) What does LAN stand for?

a) Language Access Networking
b) Length Access Nanosecond
c) Local Area Network – Correct Answer!
d) Laser Amplifier… NOT!

11) Ink Jet, Fiber Optic and Laser Printers are examples of Impact Printers or examples of Non-Impact Printer?

a) Those are Impact Printers
b) Those are Non-Impact – Correct Answer!

12) Which of these is a weakness of Microforms?

a) Reduces storage space needed
b) Cheaper distribution than paper copies
c) Loss of clarity and illustrations – Correct Answer!
d) Virtually impossible to mutilate

13) If you wanted to analyze a process in order to streamline your time or find sources of waste, which would be the most valuable to sketch?

a) Inspection Time Graph (i.e. ITG)
b) Z3 Diagram
c) Flow Process Chart (i.e. Flowchart) – Correct Answer!
d) Yourself performing the work

14) What is a Relative Cell Reference in a cell or group of cells in a data table?

a) Identifies the location – Correct Answer!
b) Identifies the algorithm
c) Identifies the value
d) Identifies the date created

15) If you wanted to set up a meeting between a person in San Francisco, a person in Boston, and two people in Montreal all at the same time which would be the least useful technology for the meeting?

a) Teleconference
b) White board – Correct Answer!
c) Video Conference
d) Internet Phone Telepathy

16) In order to prevent hackers attacking your computer via internet pages, what should you install on your computer?

a) Device Driver
b) Clipboard
c) Browser
d) Firewall – Correct Answer!

17) In a proper ergonomic chair, how many legs should it have to provide easy and safe maneuverability?

a) A solid base with no legs
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5 – Correct Answer!

18) What is the proper ratio of coolers/drinking fountains per employee?

a) 1 fountain: 75 people – Correct Answer!
b) 1 fountain: 25 people
c) 2 fountains: 48 people
d) 2 fountains: 55 people

19) What is the process of attempting to gather private information such as usernames, passwords, and more by scamming as a trustworthy entity in an email?

a) Virus
b) Spam
c) Bugging
d) Phishing – Correct Answer!

20) How does a guideline differ from a standard?

a) They are required
b) They are the established norm
c) They hold a basis for comparison
d) Can be changed easily as new, relevant information becomes available – Correct Answer!

Now that you know the answers, study them, then go take Quiz: Could You Pass Part One of the CAP/CPS Admin Certification Exam? again.

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