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Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Do you enjoy working with computers? Have you ever been curious about the way they work and how they can accomplish all of the fascinating tasks they do? These days, it’s all about the people behind the magic – computer programmers. Writing code takes a certain problem-solving mindset, whether you’re writing scripts, software, or web applications. If you’re starting a career as a programmer or software developer, a Computer Science or CS degree is a great way to develop the mindset of a coder and learn your first programming language or two.

Once you’re comfortable working with that mindset, learning new languages and development environments is usually pretty easy. The best coders are good at their jobs not because they’ve memorized the ins and outs of a certain language (though that helps), but because they know how to attack problems in creative ways.

Why Do I Need a Computer Science Degree?

College graduates earn almost double the salary of non-graduates, and in technology you’ll often need a degree to open up certain career paths. While there are plenty of successful self-taught developers, engineers, and programmers, a degree is the easiest way to demonstrate to an employer that you’ve mastered the skills you need to succeed in the job you’re pursuing.

Computer science students learn basic concepts of structured coding and object-oriented design and development. A good CS program will acquaint students with the basic elements of programming and scripting languages, usually through in-depth work with one or two key programming languages.

CS students complete various projects designed to acquaint them with different levels of software design and engineering. Any good CS program will cover both low and high-level programming languages, the differences between complied and interpreted languages, and how to properly comment and debug code.

The knowledge students gain by completing a computer science degree is a critical platform for starting a programming career. Students who have mastered the above concepts will be well prepared to master new programming languages and solve different types of coding problems as they continue to grow in their careers.

What are starting salaries like for people with a BS in Computer Science?

Starting Median Salary: $55,900
Mid-career Median Salary: $95,500
Source: Payscale

Considering tech is a constantly growing industry, there are thousands of jobs available in positions such as Software Engineer / Programmer, Information Technology (IT) Manager, Software Developer, Web Applications, Programmer Analyst, Information Technology (IT) Consultant, Project Manager and more.

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