Could You Pass Part Three of the CAP/CPS Admin Certification Exam?

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People are considering Professional CAP/CPS certification more than ever. The process is faster than earning your higher-ed degree, yet proves you are knowledgeable about office terminology and technology.

Section Three of the exam is on "Management". Management (CPS and CAP exams) covers human resources, accounting procedures and analysis, time management, and communication. In Human Resources specifically, it asks about basic principles, recruitment and selection, evaluation, legal and ethical issues, job analysis, training, compensation and benefits, and record keeping. In Accounting specifically, it asks about procedures, financial statement analysis, and managerial accounting. In communication specifically, it asks about nonverbal, presentation techniques, professional protocol, and legal issues.

In the actual exam, this section is 175 questions in 135 minutes, which is equivalent to 13 questions every 10 minutes. Therefore, if you want to time yourself like it was an actual exam, then set a timer for 15-16 minutes (20 questions in 15-16 minutes.)

At the end of the exam, you will not see what you got right and what you got wrong, but a link is provided with the answer sheet. Write down your answers to each question in order to compare yourself to the answer sheet.

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    In management principles, what is Theory X versus Theory Y?

Which is the order of the process of change in Organizational Development theory?