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Women's Purchasing Power

Nicole Crimaldi | Ms. Career Girl

The 90 second video below by shows that female consumers make a majority of purchasing decisions in comparison to men.

70% of new businesses are started by women
85% of all brand purchases are made by women
         • 91% of new homes
         • 80% of health care
         • 93% food
         • 65% new cars
         • 93% over-the-counter meds
• Yet 91% of women feel advertisers don’t understand them…
• Perhaps this is because only 3% of creative directors are women.

Although I knew females were powerful consumers, this video shows just how powerful we are. Pretty incredible isn’t it? After watching this video I thought to myself, “what DON’T we women do?” If women are making 80%+ of buying decisions, where are all the guys? And, why are there not more female creative directors?!

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Featured Author: Ms. Career Girl
Ms. Career Girl is written by and for Generation Y women, and represents the multiple components of being the ultimate modern woman. Ms. Career Girl answers questions like: How can you manage to save for retirement and still buy that new designer bag? Is it possible to start your own business and work full time? What’s up with this whole dating and marriage thing? Visit us for daily career encouragement and to remind yourself that you really can have it all!

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