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    7 Dos and Don'ts of Fighting Fair

    7 Dos and Don'ts of Fighting Fair
    How we fight sometimes says more about us than how we got into a fight in the first place. Living a conflict-free life, especially with a loved one, sounds nice but in reality is impossible. Not only that, but it's unhealthy. Disagreements from time to time, if dealt with maturely and with the requisite kindness, can actually help to strengthen the ...
    Published almost 8 years ago | Rated: +4
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    6 Bad Habits to Blame on Technology

    6 Bad Habits to Blame on Technology
    Technology pretty much runs our lives these days. From our work life to our home life, we have computers, phones, and gadgets helping us with our daily routine. But is technology taking over and shifting our societal norms? Is too much technology a bad thing? Sometimes we are so used to relying on technology to help us out, we forget how ...
    Published about 8 years ago | Rated: +2
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    Gorgeous 2011 Letterpress Calendars

    The new year is a time for looking back, reflecting, and then looking forward to the year ahead. What better way to celebrate how far you've come with a lovely little handcrafted calendar to mark your accomplishments this year? The calendars we've picked for 2011 all have that wonderful, unusual, discovering-a-new-boutique feeling — Enjoy! A note from the creator: "A collaboration ...
    Published about 8 years ago | Rated: +1
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    6 Nasty Things Lurking in Your Cosmetics

    Quick disclaimer: We are patently against fearmongering, so don't anyone start panicking. That being said, when you look at some of the ingredients used in cosmetics and body-care products, it raises some serious questions of the "How is that even possible?" variety. Well, here's how: The cosmetics industry is self-policed, operating with very little regulatory oversight. As such, it is ...
    Published over 8 years ago | Rated: +3
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    Is Sexual Harassment a Severe Crime... or Not?

    Is Sexual Harassment a Severe Crime... or Not?
    The CEO of Hewlett Packard, Mark Hurd, got fired last week following an investigation into sexual harassment claims made by a former contractor, Jodie Fisher. After the probe into the allegations, the company found Hurd had not violated HP’s sexual harassment policy but he did monkey around with $20,000 of company funds. Now Fisher, who was also a reality show contestant, ...
    Published over 8 years ago | Rated: +1

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