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New Year’s Resolutions? Put Some Teeth Into Yours!

New Year’s Resolutions? Put Some Teeth Into Yours!

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP

December 30, 2008

It’s that time of year when we hear about the importance of New Year’s Resolutions. We all know and have heard about a million times the importance of goal setting.

But, hey, can we get real here? Entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Salesperson to salesperon. You KNOW that you probably won’t reach all those ultra-lofty goals no matter how enthusiastic you are on New Year’s Eve (depending on how many adult beverages you’ve consumed!). So, then we often swing to the other extreme and don’t set any goals. And you know that won’t bring out the best in you either.

So what’s a salesperson (and aren’t we all today, even admins?) to do? How are you going to manage this business called “You, Inc.” that you are running?

I propose that this year you don’t set New Year’s Resolutions. Now, wait a minute. I can already feel the crush of email coming to me about how you should set goals, etc. etc. Hey! I am with you. I set rigid goals for myself on a weekly and daily basis. What I’m proposing this year is that you don’t just set New Year’s Resolutions but put a plan in place that can seriously change your life and your business for the better. Make 2009 the year you see some specific, bottom-line-boosting changes.

Here’s a trick that will help. Set your yearly goals first, and then back them up with quarterly and monthly goals to achieve them. Suppose you want to lose, say, 50 pounds. It would not be medically sound to try and do that in one week – even if you could! Instead, you get the assistance of a trained professional. You put together a realistic plan for diet, rest, exercise and the system that works best for you according to your health care provider. Then you have to stay with it (discipline, my friend!) and make incremental progress.

This is the key to success with any goal program. You put teeth into your goals when you measure what you’re doing and you set small, bite-sized goals that you can obtain. Going back to our example of weight loss, losing 1 lb. in 1 week is usually realistic. This is something most people can do. If you do that for each week of the year, you’ve lost 50 lbs. easily.

This coming year is going to be quite different from anything we’ve experienced before. Party now and do your resting during these Holidays because when January gets here, it is time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and get into some serious work! These times call for extra effort to achieve our goals. Financial times are going to bring out the best – and worst – in many people. Prepare now for hitting your goals.

Make it a point to put together Quarterly Goals that you can refer to. Then break down those Quarterly Goals into monthly goals. Leave the flexibility to deal with the unknown. We don’t know all that is going to happen but we do know that there are going to be challenges. Get ready now mentally, physically and financially to handle whatever is coming down the pike.

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