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Focus on Your Career, Not Your Due Date

Focus on Your Career, Not Your Due Date

Jill Hare | AdminSecret

February 03, 2009

If you’re a pregnant, career-minded woman, it may be hard in the months leading up to your due date to stay focused on your career. But time spent working your tail off before the baby comes will be well worth your while. After all, this could be the last time you think clearly about your career path without a little baby grabbing for all your attention.

Take the time to reflect on your career thus far and ask yourself two very important questions:

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

What are your career goals?

Assessing your career progress thus far is important. Having a successful career is something to be proud of. While being a mom will have great rewards, a rewarding career is no small feat.

If you’re having your first child (like I am) then you know that up until now, the career you have chosen has defined a large part of who you are, how you feel, and how others see you. A change in this identity can be a difficult adjustment, so reflect on the parts of your job that make you proud.

It’s O.K. to have career goals beyond children. So many women today have successful careers and perfectly normal – even fabulous – children.

If you know that being a stay-at-home mom isn’t for you, it’s time to focus on your career future. Make a list of all of things that may affect your career after you have children. Address the issues on the list now before your child makes an entrance into the world. If you think your biggest issue will be daycare while you’re at work – find at-home help or apply now to childcare centers near your office.

In the last weeks and months leading up to your maternity leave, work your tail off, don’t trail off. Keep your conversations at work focused on work – not on the baby about to be born. Show your office that while they might be able to function without you when you’re on maternity leave, your personal contributions are what make your unique job thrive.

Discussion: Which is harder: Being a mom or working outside the home?

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