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Believe in yourself...or no one else will

Believe in yourself...or no one else will

Sydni Craig-Hart | Admin Secret

February 19, 2009

Throughout the many Virtual Assistant communities that I belong to, I often see a LOT of untapped potential. I see aspiring, new and even established Virtual Assistants who have it in them to command top dollar for their work, to create businesses that truly give them the flexible schedule they crave and to ONLY work with clients who respect them and value their contributions. I see this in them, but many times, they just can’t see it for themselves.

“WHY?” you may ask?

It’s because they don’t believe in themselves. Perhaps they doubt their worth or don’t believe they can truly succeed. Perhaps they are used to bosses, HR departments and companies that look down on them. Perhaps they have limiting beliefs and just don’t see the abundance of opportunity that is available.

In the corporate world, Administrative Professionals are not given that much leeway. We’re not given the opportunity to define our future, create our own path and make our career what we want it to be.

That’s the beauty of creating your own business, particularly in the Virtual Assistant industry. You only offer the services you want to offer. You can charge whatever you want to charge. You can work two days a week or five days a week.

But to do this, one needs to COMPLETELY abandon the “employee” mentality.

That mindset shift starts with saying, “I can do this. I can create my own success. I deserve to be successful! I will be successful!” It’s that simple.

Embracing the thought that you REALLY can create the business of your dreams, and that what you really want and what’s possible is within your reach will catapult you towards success faster than any tip, resource or strategy.

The sooner that new Virtual Assistants can wrap their heads around that concept, embrace it and own it, the sooner they’ll see success and the faster they’re going to achieve it.

It’s so important to get your mind wrapped around this at the very beginning of your business. You can’t set a precedent for letting your clients dictate how you run your business. You can’t second guess your decisions. You can’t run your business for the benefit of your clients. If you are going to be a business owner, you have to make decisions and stand behind them. You have to determine what your standards are and how you’re going to set up your business. And you can’t let ANYONE, especially a prospective client undermine your boundaries and make you second guess them. Otherwise you might as well go back to get a regular job.

I implore you to approach your business from a place of confidence. Present a confident stance with your tone, voice, presence, marketing materials and website. Be proud of your decision to ditch the corporate rat race and take ownership of your career.

I believe in you! I believe that you have the talent, tenacity and drive to be a fabulously successful VA! But, that’s not enough.

You have to believe in YOU too. Because if you don’t, no one else will.

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