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Seven Movies to Motivate You

Seven Movies to Motivate You

Ben Murray | Monster Staff Writer

May 02, 2009

When it comes to inducing instant, effective inspiration for about $4 per rental, movies are king. Go on, say you weren’t ready to slap on the gloves and get in the ring after watching Rocky — liar.

Given their powers of motivation, movies might be just what the doctor ordered if you’re starting to feel your momentum slow down at the office, or your job search seems like it’s going nowhere. Try one of these movies to rev you up and get you back in the saddle.

Norma Rae

A small-town southern girl unionizes factory workers against dangerous and callous management in a movie that would make Jimmy Hoffa weep with admiration (wherever he is). Based on real events in which a little girl takes on the big, nasty establishment, this one ends in triumph for the downtrodden worker.

A Civil Action

A lawyer played by John Travolta wages a seemingly hopeless battle for justice against a company suspected of poisoning a town’s water supply, losing his shirt, office and coworkers in his blind obsession with winning the case. A lawyer who shrugs off money in the interest of winning a case for its moral implications? Now that’s inspiring.

Gung Ho

After a Japanese firm buys the car manufacturer he works for, a young Michael Keaton has to keep his faithful workers happy under the demands of new management. Immersed in allegory about work and fulfillment, this one is all about jobs: keeping vs. losing them, white collar vs. blue collar and American vs. foreign work ethic. See it to restore your faith in the idea that you can balance a strenuous career, life and family.

Tommy Boy

A Chris Farley character squeezed into a business suit and asked not to screw up something hugely important? Are you kidding? Though he seems destined for failure when forced to become a salesman in a serious hurry to save his dad’s business, the blundering Tommy Boy proves that anyone can find success with heart and ingenuity, even against a sinister Dan Akroyd.

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