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10 Tricks to Hide Holiday Weight Gain

10 Tricks to Hide Holiday Weight Gain

Conceal the Holiday Bulge

St. Louis Post-Dispatch l 01-09-2010

January 12, 2010

Jan. 9—The egg nog knocked you out. The pumpkin pie packed a punch. And the stuffing left you, well … stuffed. Stuffed as in, you can’t find a way to get all that fat into your jeans.

In the feast from Halloween to New Year’s Day, you gorged yourself. And those short daytime hours made it hard to get out of bed and to the gym. So you gained a few pounds … OK, maybe more than a few.

And while we’re sure it is your intention to lose that weight in the coming months, right now, you’ve got a problem: Your clothes aren’t fitting right.

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So we’ve got some tips to help you hide the bulge around your midsection. Because when your muffin top has a muffin top, something’s gotta give (and hopefully it won’t be your buttons).

1. Don’t even think about wearing anything that is too tight — “You’ll feel so fat and depressed that chocolate will feel like the only solution,” says Nancy Nix-Rice, a wardrobe consultant and owner of First Impressions of St. Louis. “And bulging out of a garment won’t look so swell either.”

2. Layer — A loose, open cardigan, vest or tunic with a fitted tee can hide the love handles.

3. Undergarments — A bra with good lift shaves off pounds — and years — by creating a longer torso, says Nix-Rice. And body-shaper panty hose, Spanx or other undergarments that suck it all in for you can smooth out lumps.

4. The rubber-band trick — A first-trimester trick when you are pregnant, take a rubber band and wrap it around the button on your jeans. Now, take it through the hole and out, twist and wrap around the button. This gives you about an extra inch.

5. Bra extenders — There is nothing worse than back fat spilling over a too-tight bra. Buy yourself a little time to get back in shape with bra extenders.

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