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Sneaky Ways to Stay Slim this Summer

Sneaky Ways to Stay Slim this Summer

Allie Firestone | Divine Caroline

July 14, 2010

In the Great Outdoors

Without rain in the forecast, we can get outside in the sun (wearing plenty of sunscreen, of course) to try these recreational activities, and spend less time indoors at the gym while we’re at it.

Golfing: Burn Factor = 223 calories (with cart) or 286 (without)
While I haven’t perfected my swing quite enough to move from the driving range to the links, I’ve run across another nugget of motivation—hoofing it from hole to hole during four hours of golf adds up to a week’s worth of work on the elliptical machine.

Playing Tennis: Burn Factor = 445 calories
It doesn’t take very long on the court to break a sweat. Turns out, that’s thanks to the massive amount of calories you’ll burn perfecting that backhand.

Biking for Fun: Burn Factor = 509 calories
That’s right, biking at just a moderate speed burns around 500 calories in an hour. I’ve started riding my bike to work every day—incorporating activity naturally without it really feeling like “exercise time.” Work too far from home to ride there? Just bike to the store when you can, or for fun around your neighborhood.

Horseback Riding: Burn Factor = 255 calories
This is another one of those popular vacation activities that doubles as a sightseeing opportunity and (score!) exercise. Giddyup!

Rollerblading: Burn Factor = 764 calories
It’s a little cheesy, sure, but for 700-plus calories per hour, what more creative (and retro-fabulous) way to get from place to place when the sun is shining than Rollerblading—especially if you’re somewhere with a nice bike path. Pick up some used blades for around forty bucks online or at a local sports retailer.

Dancing: Burn Factor = 414 calories
Spending a steamy summer night learning salsa or grooving to some live music? Yes, please. Calories or no calories, jamming alfresco screams summer for all the senses.

No matter how you decide to get that activity in—by having fun or by doing full-blown workouts—the important part is that you’re moving your body. And what’s summer better for than breaking out of ruts and trying new things? I know I’ll be taking myself out Rollerblading at least once, along with spending a warm night out dancing. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to bypass the bar scene.

* Calories burned are based on a 140-pound woman performing the activity for one hour, according to estimates calculated by

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