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6 Bad Habits to Blame on Technology

6 Bad Habits to Blame on Technology

Jeff Hindenach | AdminSecret

January 25, 2011

“I’m breaking up with you over a text message so I don’t have to deal with this in person.”

Accountability has gone out the window with the rise of technology and the web. The Internet gives us the option of not dealing with the immediate fallout of a situation. If you are mad at someone, you can leave a nasty comment on their Facebook wall. If you want to break up with your boyfriend, but don’t want to deal with the tears, you can shoot her a text.

The truth is, this solution only delays and amplifies the fallout. Now you have to deal with the original fight and explain the nasty Facebook post. Or you get the bad rap of being the girl who breaks up with guys via text. Hiding behind technology shows a lack of courage, and will only come back to haunt you in the end.

“Sorry I rear-ended your car, but I HAD to send this funny text to my friend.”

Texting and emailing while driving has become a dangerous pastime in this country. Actually, there’s a wide range of distracting activities people do while driving, but texting seems to be the most rampant. A whopping 81% of Americans admit to texting while driving, while around 30% of accidents are caused by texting while driving.

Bottom line: if your eyes aren’t on the road, you are being a reckless driver. You’re controlling a large, heavy piece of machinery, one that can crush an old lady or a group of girl scouts in a split second. If a message is so important that you have to send it right now, pull over to the side of the road before you text. It’s just safer.

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