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Learn How to Type Faster With These 5 Pointers

Learn How to Type Faster With These 5 Pointers

Duke Xenner

If you choose to wing it for now, what you want to do is to make an effort to store in your mind the positions of the buttons relative to your fingers and their home positions. The intention of remembering often helps, though you will have better results if you improve your memory and practice associating keys to finger positions.

Practice repetitive combinations of certain letters so that you get those committed firmly into memory. A good direction of learning the keys is to go bit by bit. First learn the home keys with your left hand only. When you get good with those four keys, learn exclusively the four keys of your right hand when in home position. Then practice combinations of those 8 keys. Then learn the keys immediately above your left index finger. Then your right index finger. Don’t try to overload yourself. This is a new hand-eye coordination exercise that you have never done before, and you are literally causing your brain to wire itself to be able to do this more naturally. You will most likely feel mentally strained, so I would not recommend learning more than 4 new letters at a time. Be patient, you will make many mistakes at first, but as you practice more, your mistakes will decrease and your speed will go up.

Notice your accomplishments and keep going.

4 How to Measure your Speed

There are two ways to do this, but they’re both roughly the same strategy. You can make up a story on the go and type it down, but if you get stuck in creating your story, then your speed will go down. The other way is to get out a book, article, letter, or anything else already written down in front of you and opened. Grab a stopwatch. Open up Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. Both are word-processing programs and both have word count. You can use any other word processing program, but then you’ll need to count the words by hand. Start the stopwatch. Type a length of words. The better and faster you are, the more words you should write. When you finish typing, immediately stop the stopwatch. With your mouse, select on your screen the text you just typed. If you are using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, click on the ‘Tools’ menu, and pick ‘Word Count’. Take the number of words you just typed and divide it by the number of seconds it took you to type it. Now multiply this number by 60 to get the number into words per minute. The resulting number is your speed in words per minute.

5 Helpful Resources

1. For a free copy of the Productivity Suite (which includes Writer), visit

2. For memory improvement, visit

3. For a printable keyboard layout, visit the downloads area of

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