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Never Lose Track of Another Task

Never Lose Track of Another Task

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Over the years, I have used a number of different methods to track tasks, from sticky notes stuck to my monitor to a steno pad to write down tasks. While I still use a steno pad to write down tasks as they come to me, my main organizational tool is Microsoft Outlook. Using the Tasks function, you can keep your task list, set reminders, make notes, and even create a recurring task for those daily, weekly, and monthly tasks on your list.

To use Tasks in Microsoft Outlook, first click on either the Tasks button on the Outlook Shortcut Bar or on Tasks in the Folder List:

You can create a new task in one of two ways. You can click in the box that says “Click Here to add a new task:”

Type in the name of the task and hit enter and the task will be created. However, it will not have any reminder or other options set, so you will have to double click on the task to set the options you want.

Alternatively, you can do what I do and just double click on a blank space in the task window to bring up the Task dialog box, where you can enter all of the options you want for this task.

In the Task dialog box, you can set the Due Date, the Start Date, the Priority Level, and the status of the Task. You can also set your reminders, and make any pertinent notes about the task such as a timeline for the task or notes on the status of the task.

By setting reminders for your tasks, you can not only get reminders so you don’t forget the task, but also snooze the reminders so it keeps popping up until you have time to work on it. And you don’t have to spend all the time rewriting each day’s task lists to include tasks not finished yesterday along with the new tasks for today.

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