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My Boss "Makes Me Very Uncomfortable"

My Boss "Makes Me Very Uncomfortable"

Ask Neycha: Work Issues | Ebony

Dear Neycha,

Thank you for your recent column on boss’ day. I’m having a dilemma with my own supervisor. I work in a small healthcare office owned by three partners. The youngest doctor, who is thirty-seven, is my direct supervisor and, since I began working there seven months ago, he’s been occasionally inappropriate. He makes fresh remarks about my body and how well I take care of it. Or he’ll sometimes hint that if we didn’t work together, he would “light my fire.” I’ve seen him respond this way to the other girls as well who generally laugh it off or joke back with him. Of course he always follows up by reminding me that he’s joking, but it makes me very uncomfortable. I’ve even considered looking for another job although I really love this one. What to do? ~Uncomfortable At Work, Vienna, VA

Dear Uncomfortable:

If you love your job, you should not be walking away from it because of some youngish man-chap who wants to shag you. Shame on him for repeatedly coming at you in this way and creating an uncomfortable work environment! Why should YOU look for another job?!

Lovey, you cannot go through life running from the things that intimidate you unless you want to make a habit of being a wuss. Muster up the courage to tell junior crackjack that he needs to FALL BACK! and respect the professional nature of your relationship. Tell him that his advances (even if “he’s only joking”) make you uncomfortable. Remind Mister Happystick that the office is not romper room and tricks are for kids; that you are a grown woman who WILL escalate this matter if he fails to straighten up and fly right.

Before walking away from a job you love, try taking more responsibility for setting the tone of your professional relationships. If the situation still fails to change, even after speaking directly to your supervisor and if necessary his superiors, THEN you may have to walk. But at least you’ll be moving with the knowledge that you spoke up for yourself and with the confirmation that running does not have to be your default move.

Rock on, N

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