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Folder/Inserter Equipment in the MATERIAL World

Folder/Inserter Equipment in the MATERIAL World

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5. Keep paper in its wrapper and in its carton. This will help prevent absorption of moisture from the air.

6. Condition your materials to the processing area while they’re still in the wrapper and/or box. This will prevent them from rapidly absorbing humidity. If possible, store them in the same room as the machine for about 24 hours.

7. Process the materials in your folder/inserter immediately after printing. If this isn’t possible, protect the materials by covering them under a plastic drop cloth.

8. Always quickly fan or jog your paper. This will expose the paper to air and, in some cases, keep the sheets from sticking together.

9. Don’t leave paper or envelopes in the feed trays for any length of time. This can cause static as the paper dries out and could cause your equipment to stop working properly.

10. Never mix different types of paper in the paper tray. The slightest difference in the paper makeup may cause the machine to stop or stall when going from one type of paper to the other.


Even the best machines have limits on how thick, how thin, and how glossy processed materials can be. Your staff needs to understand what can and can’t be automated through your equipment. For example, the sales literature your marketing department has designed may look terrific in a high-gloss material, but that material may be too glossy to go through your folder/inserter. If you choose those materials, you may be faced with a job that requires expensive hand stuffing or outsourcing.

In today’s world of color imagers and breakthroughs in color printing, most marketing materials can be semi-gloss and are able to process through folder/inserters. Be sure your manufacturer tests the materials you have in mind before your department orders large quantities.

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Thin items are another problem for automation applications, in particular individual parts of multipart forms that are processed from a line printer. Not only are these types of items a problem, the multipart form must be separated by hand or by a device called a burster. Many new output management software solutions are available that take existing raw data and convert the data into standard cut sheets. This is an inexpensive way to automate your applications with minimal IT help. In fact, some packages give the users total document distribution control, such as fax, e-mail, archive, and print.

Be sure your manufacturer provides you with a recommendation on all the materials you can use in your folder/inserter. The correct paper is just the beginning of the many applications your equipment can process. With the correct materials, your investment will provide you with an efficient and accurate operation.

Bart Alvarez is product manager, sales, Hasler Document Handling Systems.

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