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What to Include in Enewsletters and Eflyers

What to Include in Enewsletters and Eflyers

Jon Bergan | ArticleBase

Thirdly, use images. Pictures speak a thousand words and if you can incorporate these into both the body of your eNewsletter/eFlyer and the actual landing pages on your website, then things will seem a lot less cluttered for your reader.


Second to content, links are probably the most import part of your eFlyer. The primary goal for an eNewsletter or eFlyer is to get users back to your website either to buy your products or read your content. It also builds awareness and reminds them of what you’re up to. When a user clicks a link in your eNewsletter or eFlyer, they should reach a landing page.

You may be asking yourself – what is a landing page? The simple answer is this. A landing page is a page a user reaches when they click a link in your eNewsletter or eFlyer. It should compliment the look and feel of the eNewsletter or eFlyer and should further persuade the user to purchase the item they clicked on. It’s one thing to get a user to click on a link in an email but its another thing altogether to have them actually purchase the item they clicked on. Follow through with your call to action on your landing page and you will find sales will more than likely increase as a result of this.

So, what kinds of links should you include in your eNewsletter or eFlyer? As many as possible without going overboard. Here are some great examples:


• Your logo should link back to your website homepage

• A link to your blog if applicable (header or footer)

• Email addresses should all link to the actual email address


• Product images or names should link to product information pages on your website

• Promotions should link to landing pages on your website

• There should always be “more info” links in your eNewsletter or eFlyer. Never paste large amounts of content in your message. Have the user click through to the website to read more.


• A listing of links to all of your product categories should be included somewhere in the design, preferably in the footer

• Your footer should also contain links to every one of your information pages – similar to the footer on your website

• A Link to your blog if applicable (header or footer)

Your eNewsletter or eFlyer can boost your sales, it can increase your readership and it can definitely build awareness. It can do all these things and more. It is for these reasons and many others you should treat your online campaigns as seriously as any of your other marketing efforts. It may cost less but it’s just as important. That is the bottom line.

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