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The Best Music Websites

The Best Music Websites

Currin Berdine / AdminSecret

For When You Know What You Want to Listen To….


Grooveshark is an online music sharing site where you can make free playlists a listen to songs in their entirety from any song in their database (which is practically every song known to man) even if you don’t own them. How is it legal? “For every song sold in our network, we first pay the label (or artist), then we pay you, then we pay ourselves. All of the profits from our songs are split with the user 50 / 50.” Once downloaded, you can put it on your MP3 or iTunes music player. The search functionality it very easy and it is generally user friendly. Sometimes, however, the music will freeze up or you’ll be listening to a song and the user’s playlist you are enjoying will suddenly turn off because the user isn’t online. Just search for another uploaded copy from another user and continue using.

(Requires downloading an external application. Be sure you are allowed to download these to your work computer as some companies have strict policies on adding external applications.)


Imeem is an online community to share music and make playlists from any song uploaded by users. As long as it is on the network, you have access to it. You can also embed your playlists on to your own websites or blogs. Not quite as user friendly as Grooveshark, but less likely to time out while listening and is very popular, so you are bound to find anything you are looking for.


Well known for its social media function, MySpace also acts as a viable music resource. Look up any artist to easily listen to their most popular or more recent tracks. You can also become “friends” with them, write fan messages on their “walls”, check out where they’ll be at shows or events, and see how many other people have listened to their songs on MySpace. More often then not, you can download the hits right off their MySpace page (for a fee.) Downsides: The number of songs you can listen to are limited and you can’t make playlists.


Another site not necessarily associated as a music tool, YouTube contains thousands of official and unofficial music videos. Even if the band or artist didn’t make their own video, fans frequently make a photo montage to their favorite songs. Upsides: legal to listen to and has almost any song you could want. Biggest downsides: sometimes the audio quality is marginal, as the music is sometimes second hand. Also, you can’t download the songs to you music player.

iTunes Store

The most seamless way to get music from the world wide web to the palm of your hand. The iTunes site works in conjunction with the iTunes music player, which easily syncs with your iPod or iPhone. To get to the iTunes store, however, you must download the iTunes player to your desktop and then go through the left-hand navigation. Once there, you can easily access the top songs, albums and music videos of the day. The editors also feature a “What’s Hot” music section, an “Indie” spotlight, and a “Staff Favorites” that are a mix of classics and fresh jams. Also take advantage of iTunes’ power in the market with their free downloads section and their special deals like “Free Guitar Lessons” and exclusive listens to recent releases. You can also get high quality ringtones from the store.

(Requires downloading an external application. Be sure you are allowed to download these to your work computer as some companies have strict policies on adding external applications.)

For When You Need Some Suggestions…

Enter in the name of a song, band, artist or album you enjoy listening to. With Pandora’s magical algorithm of studying this music you like, it comes up with an infinite playlist of songs. Upsides: You can make as many “Stations” as you desire, so switching between genres is super easy. Downside: You can’t scroll back and listen to a song that has already played in that set, and you can only skip 5 songs an hour on any given station.

This list is a mix of blogs, music review sites, and magazine sites. They are in alphabetical order, because each site tends to focus on a certain genre, rather than simply one being better than another. (Literally, AllMusic covers all music. Rock, Jazz, R&B, Rap, Coutnry, Blues, World, Electronica, Classical, etc.) (Pop) (NYC Underground) (Indie, Rock, Underground Hip-Hop) (Up-and-coming, rock, concert reviews, etc.) (Punk, folk, world music, indie rock, electronic music, country, jazz, and more with a focus on new releases) (Pop, rock, indie) (Top 40, Pop, Hip-hop)

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