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Top 10 Tips for Business Travel Abroad

Top 10 Tips for Business Travel Abroad

New York Daily News

5. Learn the proper etiquette:

One way to make a good impression on international clients or business associates is to show that you are knowledgeable about their customs. Such knowledge exhibits a consideration on your part that can translate into a general feeling of respect and understanding. For instance, if you’re traveling to Japan, try bowing when you meet someone new. Or if you have a meeting in Switzerland, try kissing an acquaintance three times on the cheek. Using proper etiquette is a great way to break the ice in a new cultural situation.

6. Make sure you can connect electronically:

Before you travel, purchase the proper adaptors for outlets in the country to which you are traveling. Call ahead to the hotel to find out if you are able to access the Internet in your room. If not, ask if there is a business center in the lobby, or an Internet café close to the hotel. As you’re traveling to work, you don’t want to be without access to your email for very long.

7. Set up a phone to receive calls internationally:

Using your domestic cell phone in a foreign country can be very expensive. One way to avoid overspending on phone bills is to purchase a cheap temporary phone at the airport when you arrive, and add prepaid minutes for local and international calls. If you plan on using your Blackberry or iPhone abroad, you should make sure that your plan allows you to receive data internationally. This can be set up easily using your online mobile account, or by calling your cell phone provider directly.

8. Insure that you have access to money:

Find out what the currency exchange rate is in the country where you are traveling. Ask your bank if they have a partner internationally, and if so, where their branches are located. By doing this, you will reduce your ATM fees whenever you withdraw money abroad. Call your credit card company in advance and them know that you will be traveling. If you don’t, they might question the international charges, and cut off your credit.

9. Teach yourself some phrases in the local language:

Take the time to learn some basic phrases before you travel. Not only will it make it easier to get around, it will also impress your clients and co-workers. Everyone can learn how to say “hello” and “goodbye” in a foreign language, but not everyone knows how to translate “let’s seal the deal” or “when do we eat?” Practice before you leave.

10. Make sure that you are being cautious:

Although it’s safe for US citizens to travel to most countries, there are a few places where you should take extra precautions. For instance, you should never take a cab off the street in Mexico City, as they are often used to kidnap tourists. This is something that you probably would not know that as a foreigner. Ask co-workers or business associates for advice about safety to insure that you won’t get into any trouble, especially if you are traveling alone. For more information about safety tips and travel advisories, visit:

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