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The Soft Sell Of The Hard Sell – Relationship Marketing For Tough Times

The Soft Sell Of The Hard Sell – Relationship Marketing For Tough Times

3. Make Your Offer Fact-Based Packed With Value. One of the best ways to “sell hard in a soft way” is to pack lots of value into your offer. Demonstrate exactly why your product is superior to the competition. Don’t just use vague generalities. Cite specific benefits of your product. Show testimonials of those who’ve used your service and liked it. Be hard on yourself in creating the copy and make it easy (soft) for prospects to get involved with you. Start them in a small way and gradually build the relationship. Listen to their needs and tailor your demo in a way that answers their questions, not just what you think is nifty and groovy. After all, YOU are not the one buying your product – they are! The one buying the product is the one that matters most in any selling relationship.

4. Get With The Program – Use Video For Crying Out Loud! Welcome to the 21st Century! If you’re not using video in some way to promote, you’re already behind. Video is NOT the “wave of the future.” It is NOW. Demonstrating customer-valued benefits on video is an excellent way to “sell hard” while being soft on the prospect. Be hard on yourself to do a good job with good production quality, graphics, subtitles, cuts and more. If you can’t do it yourself, get help from someone else. This is why God invented high school kids! Video on the Net and/or over a delivered DVD, gives you a competitive advantage to show specific, real-world benefits of your product. Leverage it and use it. You can check out some examples at my website, and see how you could creatively blend these ideas into your own products and services.

5. Think “Hard Sell” In A Soft Way. Emphasize the relationship and be there as more than just another pesky salesperson. Listen more carefully than ever to their need. Use software like CardScan. I’m using CardScan for my Mac now – still use it on my Windows-based systems for my staff – and it is marvelous. CardScan is not just about getting business cards. It is about building quality relationships in business. ( – about $250 for their best version) Stay in touch with people and learn how you can “feel their pain” to borrow from a well-known politician. Sincerely listen to where they are hurting then find ways you can solve the pain or bring in others from your network who can.

Being hard on yourself and soft on others is a time-honored principle that works. It is now time to move Relationship Marketing to the next level and these steps can help begin that process.

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