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Admin/Support Communication Tips

Admin/Support Communication Tips

Margot Carmichael Lester, Monster Contributing Writer

Convey Complicated Ideas

Moore recommends signposting, or organizing information into smaller segments and listing those segments by number. This helps set listeners’ expectations for information and ensures your message is being received. It looks something like this:

Here are four ways to contact me while I am attending the conference:

1. cell
2. email
3. hotel number
4. convention office number.

“You’ll be amazed at how effective signposting can be,” Moore says. “If you promise four and you communicate only three, the listener will probably remind you that he or she was expecting more.”

Make Communication (Inter)Personal

With the advent of email, it’s easy to minimize face-to-face interactions. You may feel that staying at your desk and communicating electronically or by telephone makes you more efficient. But it has a cost.

Isolating yourself hinders your ability to be a truly effective communicator, says Peter Handel, chairman, president and CEO of Dale Carnegie Training. “Avoid the overuse of email,” he advises. “Instead, request regular face-to-face meetings.”

Why meet face-to-face? For one thing, it’s hard to gauge tone from an email. For another, people like to be able to look you in the eye occasionally and check out your body language. It’s human nature. As a result, “the human interaction allows for clearer and stronger communication,” Handel says.

Convey Your Image

And let’s not forget the importance of unspoken communication. Do you know what your clothes are saying about you?

Consider this example from April Masini, an author and image expert: “If you work at a creative ad agency where selling the next new black is your currency, a navy serge suit with a conservative haircut could turn Mr. Conservative into Mr. Out-of-Work. The same is true for a bank employee wearing a neck full of bling with grills to match. Context is everything.”

The Benefits of Better Communication

Improving your communication skills has a serious upside. Getting ahead might simply be a matter of getting your point across in ways those around you are comfortable with. People who communicate better are perceived as being more responsible and effective, and those are the same people who usually are rewarded with raises and promotions.

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