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Website Maintenance Musts

Website Maintenance Musts

E-mail Response Rates

Always check your traffic and sales numbers carefully after each e-mail you send. You can find out which subject lines and promotional offers are working best for you, and even which times of day, week and year are best for your mailouts.

E-mail is still one of the most effective marketing techniques around, and you’ll get the most out of it if you automate all those e-mail tasks from the start. An e-mail management system like iContact will save you time and deliver in-depth results in a user-friendly format so you can easily analyze what’s working and what needs work.

General Housekeeping

Here are some other things related to your website that you should keep a close eye on:

  • Check for broken links and other technical faults on your site. Google Webmaster Tools can help with this. Another good resource for checking broken links and other factors that affect your site’s performance—such as your site’s loading speed—is

  • Search for keywords relevant to your industry to see if your site turns up in the search results.

  • Check your competitors’ sites regularly to see if they’re running any special promotions or have any new products. If you really want to see their inner workings you can use a paid tool like KeywordSpy or iSpionage to see what keywords they’re using, and where. And make sure you sign up for their opt-in newsletters or RSS feeds—it’s a great way to keep tabs on what they’re up to.

  • Search the web for random phrases from pages on your site to make sure no one is using your content without linking back to you.

  • Search on your own company name and URL to see if anyone’s saying anything bad about you.

A malfunction on your website can be just as damaging to your business as a brake failure would be to your car. Ideally, you should set aside one day each month to undertake a major site review. It’ll keep your business running as smoothly as a well-oiled engine.

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